Gary F. Restall

Realistic, Down-To-Earth, Human Being Visionary, strategist for future grandness returning $2 for every $1 invested, at least &/or time savings so you can do more productive lucrative work*.

For peace, harmony, joy, happiness, fun AND profitability faster and easier without struggling, it is all about certain Cause & Effect Principles seriously tailored to the individual situation.

Practical  40+ years of knowledge & experience with lots of ordinary but uncommon encouragement such as ... "If I can be worked with and turned around, anyone can!

Yes, if I can do it*, YOU can do it."  Did I say practical?!  Absolutely!  AND, maybe Guaranteed!

Meaningful Consultant -

Some call me a fun-type-yet-serious "Mr. Tweak It" or "Mr. Fix It Mechanic" for Individuals, Households, or Businesses - Organizations - Groups.  Even nations.

Usually from only 1 to 6 months' period is needed... Often with refreshing & wholesome guarantees!

- Investigates & analyzes problems for causes behind situations & creates simple, easy and practical solutions.   
Follows up at all levels of entity as appropriate.

Areas you can improve quickly:

- Strategy and goals focus, organization & time management, finances & bottom line profits, employee & supervisors attitudes & training, marketing direction & sales, customer service outbound and in bound, growth even in bad economies or worse and more...

2 specialties:

Tailor-Made Resource - Just a tweaking of uncommon, uncomplicated and effortless steps to transform "Goodness Already" into "Greatness" may be all that is needed ... AND ... prevent the need for a future complete overhaul.  A REAL ambition and motivation builder.

- Turnaround Consultant - Complete overhaul from ready-to-close-the-doors bankrupt "Basket Case" to Rolls Royce type leader usually in 6 months or less.

How To & Self-Help Educator - whether freely given or certain fees requested

- Generates & disseminates information
in how to improve & do certain things yourself but not by yourself (geared for eager Self-Help industry)

Why not start fresh today?

Remember that tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life.  YOUR future is before you!
Enjoy your browsing.


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